SR22 (Entegra) Changelog

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Version 2.0.1 (9 June 2023)

New Features
  • Newly recorded sounds for the FMOD sound pack with new engine sounds and other accessory sounds improved! SR22: Recorded from a local G3 SR22.
  • Further X-Plane 12 tuning and improvements!
  • REMINDER!: ARM64 support prepped for future. (Note: For ARM64 Mac (M1+ processors) users, ensure you are running Rosetta for now.

Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Revamped all wing and gear textures to remove unnecessary ambient occlusion
  • Fixed gear height and operation
  • Adjusted chock position
  • Missing Cirrus logo fixed
  • STEC LIT bug fixed
  • Icing improvements
  • Fixed invalid dataref reference in physics plugin
  • Livery fixes
  • Wing open seam closed
  • Updated libacfutils version to improve rendering of non-svs components with Zink and Mac
  • Engine loops refined to rid the soundpack of all popping between loops
  • Prime Pump sound refined to blend more naturally between intro and loop
  • Engine start sound refined volume curve to allow for a smoother transition to engine sound from ignition
  • Adjust aircraft lighting
  • Livery fix for improper normal meta
  • Fixed panel texture with text error

Version 2.0.0 (29 April 2023)

New Features
  • Fully Optimized for X-Plane 12!
  • Updated Entegra avionics to handle the X-Plane navigation and airport formats with X-Plane 12
  • Entirely revamped 3D model, animations, and textures; designed and optimized for X-Plane 12 format changes and the new rendering engine.
  • Updated FMOD sound pack to take advantage of XP12 FMOD features, integrate new sound samples, and more
  • ARM64 support prepped for future. (Note: For ARM64 Mac (M1+ processors) users, ensure you are running Rosetta for now.

Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • T-1849 Runways not showing on MFD
  • T-1795 Entegra 'Nearest Airports' page not populating
  • T-1818 PFD engine data order wrong
  • T-1775 SR2X Entegra PFD VSI adjustment should be ±50 fpm
  • T-1865 Additional Animation Datarefs
  • T-1863 Flap balloon too pronounced
  • T-1778 Flight control effectiveness XP12
  • T-1864 Elevator authority not enough down trim
  • T-1861 Add LPV Receiver for LPV Approach Capability
  • T-1763 Update to ARM Build
  • T-1862 Update Multi-threaded renderer
  • T-1807, T-1804 SR2x Entegra Crashes XP on launch
  • T-1853 Payload Arm Dataref replaced for X-Plane 12
  • T-1852 Weather datarefs updated for latest X-Plane 12 versions
  • T-1391 Rudder Pedal animation bug
  • T-1871 Engine sound tweaks
  • T-1868 Remove HUD objects (we plan on reintroducing the AOA hud in the future with the XP12 HUD system)
  • T-1872 Airplane too fast, general drag performance tuning
  • Nose gear height fix for compression
  • IVS fix
  • T-1671/T-1760 Update to use common TSLIB system (massive infrastructure rewrite)
  • T-1669 Fix behavior of RSG Popups with MFD
  • T-1754 Straight and Level DFC90 Change to 1° pitch
  • T-1759 Fix transponder VFR command label
  • T-1706 Fix settings files from appearing empty
  • T-1705 Add vacuum override dataref option
  • T-1702 CAPS Override command issue
  • T-1746 +ve FF with Fuel Selector to OFF
  • T-1732 Should not be able to prime with fuel selector off
  • T-1730 Spark Plug Fouling not reproducible (Increased RPM drop on single mag when spark plugs are fouled)
  • T-1713 Fix use of deprecated dataref in physics
  • T-1716 Increase torque of C24ST5 Starter
  • T-1717 Migrate to support XP12 weight and balance system
  • Texture material fixes
  • Seat backs flipped normals
  • New interior trim normal map and improved ambient occlusion
  • Lighting adjustments
  • …and many other tweaks to improve behavior for X-Plane 12

Version 1.2.0 (6 July 2022)

New Features
  • Improved maintenance system with expanded procedures and more detailed readouts to distinguish between states and mechanic actions.
  • Physics model improvements, including addressing the starting behaviors by addressing issues in the fuel priming logic.
  • [T-1675] 3D overhaul for windows and ice visualization system (IVS), which looks much better and should increase sim performance!

Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed TKS filter clogs causing too high of pressure rise in TKS system
  • Fixed bugs in fuel refilling
  • Fixed physics state files not showing on Mac
  • [T-1391] Rudder Pedal animation bug
  • [T-1661] Cirrus magnetic compass missing current direction needle
  • [T-1677] FMOD improvements and fixes
  • [T-1674] New windows and seals
  • [T-1675] IVS System updates Window icing
  • [T-1670] Addressed ice lights
  • [T-1676] Missing inspection panel screws - wing root
  • [T-1673] Mesh clean up (350k triangles removed)
  • [T-1655] Improve stutters by moving asynchronous tasks to separate thread from the main sim.
  • [T-1647] Failures and Maintenance Rework
  • [T-1658] Make UI inspection output scrollable/smaller
  • [T-1662] Add option to disable ELT
  • [T-1663] Custom flaps dataref for FMOD

Note: With this version, Linux support has been removed from the aircraft.

Version 1.1.0 (4 March 2022)

New Features
  • Major infrastructure refactoring in preparation for X-Plane 12, bringing over our modern fundamental function library, activation system, and anonymized statistics platform from our in-development aircraft. These systems should increase the aircraft functions' stability and provide a better basis going into X-Plane 12 for a more unified experience across our fleet.
  • Improved FMOD sounds throughout with surround sound support and fixed audio compression. Reworked sound space, sound positioning, and refined engine and prop sounds.
  • Visual model overhaul, improving fuselage mesh and interior textures. No more ripples or pinches in the composite exterior.
  • Add Annunciator Panel popup window
  • Improve performance of Entegra system
  • Improve engine handling
  • [T-1609] Support for simultaneous DFC90 button press functionality for RealSimGear DFC90 hardware
  • Commercial Edition: Customizable failures for aircraft and avionics

Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • [T-1578] Add PFD Knob labels
  • [T-1571] Fix Entegra PFD knob push action
  • [T-1604] Fix engine parameter rounding errors
  • [T-1575] Improve automatic popup handling
  • [T-1637] Add in-sim popup control for windows
  • [T-1631] Fix magnetic compass orientation
  • [T-1638] Adjusted Linux dependencies
  • [T-1513] Commercial Edition: Improved oil pump failure, Added configurable Magneto failures
  • [T-1639] Fixed hidden visor in exterior view
  • [T-1630] Fix propeller disc wobbly texture
  • [T-1629] Fix bungled Linux OpenGPWS versions
  • [T-1641] Fix DFC90 popup window label brightness

Version 1.0.3 (8 October 2021)

New Features
  • Much improved integration with RealityXP GTNs and GNSs:
  • Implemented parsing RealityXP output waypoint names (prevents the “+XX-YY” style names that have been showing previously when the AIRAC cycle conflicts and a waypoint doesn’t exist in the different database between RealityXP/X-Plane
  • Improved behavior of CDI key with RealityXP on GPS1. The CDI key now works properly and following the “1-2-1 method” along with using the CDI key to switch between VLOC1/GPS1 should now work properly.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed mouse cursor behavior on popup windows with the Windows operating system.
  • Improve MFD airspace altitude limit display location determination algorithm
  • Improve persistence system
  • Adjusted propeller governor override to remove prop fluctuations that was affecting a subset of users
  • Entegra OAT units on Map page match setting on the Engine page
  • Fix behavior of wind indicator on the ground
  • Update RealSimGear CommandMapping files
  • Add MD302 standby gauge for RealSimGear Cockpit hardware
  • Add setting to disengage parking break with toe break press
  • Disable obstacle database on Linux builds to prevent library loading issues
  • Fix trim hat labels

Version 1.0.2 (26 April 2021)

  • Added ability to hide 3D people through custom load manager
  • Added scroll wheel support to knobs in popups
  • Improved Entegra MFD Map performance
  • Added Entegra Fit for Flight and Envelope of Safety Boot Screens
  • Added proper autopilot annunciators for DFC90 on Entegra PFD
  • Improved frequency of engine parameter updating

Bug Fixes
  • Now reads RealityXP GPS Waypoint name Datarefs for PFD
  • Fixed persistence and config files not saving
  • Fixed Cruise/Descent Checklists showing doubled
  • Added lock to prevent auto-throttle engagement with certain hardware
  • Added Turn rate error beyond standard rate
  • Now sets engine air filter to proper default value with reset engine state

Version 1.0.1 (5 April 2021)

  • Airspeed/Altitude Tape rolling digits
  • Include pre-made GNS/GTN configs for all options (See included RealityXP_Configs folder)
  • Add support for RealSimGear hardware alternate resolutions in the auto-detect popup systems
  • Enable Experimental Flight Model on ACFs

Bug Fixes
  • Transparent baro disc in standby altimeter
  • Fix VR Config file to remove errant audio panel entries
  • Fix hundreds digit % power indication
  • Entegra MFD Command Descriptions mislabeled
  • Add protection for GPS names on PFD
  • Empty flight plan causes jumping on TRIP page
  • Update SR22 AIM TKS Description
  • Update Entegra MFD Directional Indication Triangles
  • GTN 3D knob press click-spot missing
  • Checklist duplicates
  • Add RSG pop-reset on reload
  • Make popups load smaller
  • Aileron trim animation on ailerons wrong
  • Fix aileron animation cutting through top of wing
  • INT2 knobs missing NMLs
  • Adjusted PFD and MFD knob manipulator sizes
  • FMOD mid range and exterior bass tuned

Version 1.0.0 (26 March 2021)

Initial Release!